Lunaflora - Nourishing Jasmine Body Oil

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GOAL: nourishment/moisture/renewal

USE: Day or Night

PRIMARY NOTES: Sweet and rich floral notes of jasmine and fresh neroli


WHY WE LOVE IT: super light yet deeply penetrating and smells heavenly!

BENEFITS: Named for the moonlit night bloom of jasmine, the Lunaflora body oil is all hearts across the board! It's infused with deeply moisturizing prickly pear seed oil and jojoba oil. This beautiful body oil will soften parched skin while renewing and protecting skin from harsh elements. The qualities of each beautiful ingredient will encourage healthy collagen production and skin elasticity to reduce unwanted signs of aging. The high level of anti-oxidants can treat UV damage and fade scars + pigmentation. The intoxicating scent of jasmine will envelope your body and relax your mind and spirit. Potent enough for entire body, sunburned shoulders, rough elbows and feet - but gentle and light enough to use on your face!

100ml pump bottle

THE RITUAL: Gently massage 4+ pumps onto clean skin, morning and night. Consult your doctor if nursing or pregnant.



*Citrus aurantium amara(marula oil), *Argania Spinosa(argan oil), *Fractionated Coconut Oil, *Simmondsia chinensis(jojoba oil), *Opuntia ficus indica(prickly pear seed oil), *vitamin e, *Citrus aurantium amara(neroli essential oil), wildcrafted Jasmine Sambac essential absolute oil. *= Clean Ingredients (certified organic, wildcrafted or non-gmo)



Prickly Pear Seed Oil

This amazing beauty oil contains 150% more vitamin E than Argan oil, in fact it contains the most of all the beauty oils. Prickly pear is quickly and easily absorbed by skin due to the high content of linoleic acid. It penetrates deeply and doesn't leave skin greasy. Prickly pear also improves elasticity, prevents wrinkles and stimulates cell renewal with it's high content of anti-oxidants from Betelains. Betelains are super-anti-oxidants with powerful anti-aging effects, commonly found in acai, gogi berries and blueberries. It reduces hyper-pigmentation and dark under-eye cricles due to the vitamin K. Prickly pear seed oil is an intensely moisturizing oil, perfect for very dry or mature skin yet will not clog your pores because of the high linoleic acid content. It's also non-irritating for sensitive skin.


This favorite of mine is an intoxicating cross between floral and citrus scents. It is made from the delicate flowers of the bitter orange tree that are hand-picked and handled with great care. It's fantastic for mature and sensitive skin because it repairs skin at the cellular level. Neroli tones the complexion and improves elasticity which diminishes wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. It's highly regenerative, calming, improves circulation, balances oily skin and calms sensitive skin with it's anti-microbial properties.

Jasmine Sambac Absolute

Breathing in the scent of jasmine has the power to release feel-good brain chemicals that energize as well as reduce stress & anxiety. In addition to Jasmine's sweet, intoxicating fragrance, it contains potent antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties so it's fantastic at fighting pesky blemishes and rashes. It's also high in anti-oxidants that protect skin from free-radical damage which cause premature aging. Due to this, it's able to fade scars, stretch marks and increases skin’s elasticity. Jasmine also helps balance moisture in the skin to naturally reduce dryness without clogging pores.



Wilder North LLC cannot be held responsible for any actions made, implied or expressed by anyone as a result of the above content or product. The above statements, information and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information and product are in no way intended to heal, prevent or treat any illness, allergies, disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor if you are seeking medical advice. Please consult your doctor before using this product if you have a medical condition, nursing, pregnant or have allergies. This product is intended for adult use and should not be used on children without consulting a doctor first.






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