Hydrating Mists & Hydrosols

A hydrosol is a beautiful result of plant distillation, the combination of pure water and fresh plant material. The fragrant liquid is the water-soluable essence of the plant which we can apply directly to skin for a wealth of theraleutic benefits.

We use a traditional copper alembic still, to heat fresh plant matter with water from our abundant aquifer. We then use our Solar Energy to heat the still for many hours, resulting in fragrant fresh hydrosol, with a small percentage of essential oil included.

Hydrating Mists are an expert formulation of 2 or more hydrosols, sometimes with additional essential oils and a light natural plant-based preservative.

Rare Native Hydrosols are our own Artisan Hydrosols, distilled the traditional way in a copper still, using locally harvested plants and solar power. These are usually singular-plant hydrosols but we will sometimes distill a blend of plants or introduce an organic plant we can't live without. We preserve all our Rare Native Hydrosols with the plant based preservative called "Leucidal Liquid" (radish root ferment filtrate. Our Hydrosols include the natural essential oils produced during distillation.

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