Wilder North is an herbalism-devoted sanctuary of botanical adoration, bio-harmony and holistic remedies grown by intentional farmers. 









My passion for crafting holistic skin care grew from the branches of a deeply rooted tree, so deeply grounded in the earth, that nothing else truly served me until I realized that my life's work was to partner with plants.  My Vermont roots started with the formative influence of my grandfather, a salt of the earth carpenter, thoughtful beekeeper, gardener, and woodsman. My aunt, a pioneer & wilderness leader, homesteader, a biologist, beekeeper and animal lover. My sister, an exceptional artist, and a baker. My brother, a chef, an organic product expert, a musician. Each person in my family possesses a layered, rich and complex character. These qualities have stayed with me through the years and I've woven them into my life and the work I do. Wilder North was born from these roots. 

By the time I became pregnant with my first child in 2013, I had been struggling with hormonal acne for 15 years, at which point I experienced the worst acne of my life. It was horrible to feel so embarrassed about my skin during such a joyous time. During my pregnancy, I started switching to natural and plant-based cosmetics and tried Argan Oil for the first time. Argan Oil was the magic bullet for me, which made me realize I had been approaching my skin all wrong. I had been treating my acne with harsh products rather than treating my root problems with a supportive lifestyle. Despite eating a plant-based diet, free of many hormonal disruptors and skin-destroying foods, I had still not balanced my hormones. I incorporated hormone-balancing Maca root into my life and went "All In" with natural beauty oils for my skin type. The combination worked and I've been mostly acne-free for 10 years, aside from normal breakouts.

Practicing herbalism through product formulation has fulfilled me in a way I didn't know I needed. I want women to feel supported and nurtured through wellness and whole plants, rather than pressured to meet the unattainable standards that are thrust in front of us on social media. I want women to tap into their intuition and find their balance to become the best version of themselves. I also thrive on supporting skin healers with whole plant ingredient compounds for their clients. We have over 50 holistic esthetician partners whom I'm honored to work with. Empowering women through plant knowledge and holistic wisdom is a paramount value within Wilder North. 

Today, I live with my family in New Hampshire on our semi-off-grid property. We make excellent use of our 39-panel solar array, artesian well and New England plant life. The Wilder North studio-lab is a dedicated space on our property in which I am the sole proprietor and operator, from the process of formulation, to sourcing, bottling, labeling, artwork, marketing and more. I truly love what I do, this labor of love doesn't feel like a labor at all. 

Naturally yours, Marissa Masterson





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