"We’re dedicated to creating the purest, intuitive skin care, promising to honor your natural lifestyle.

Our thoughtful formulations are honestly natural and clean, so you can worry less about ingredients, and feel like the healthiest version of yourself."


Wilder North Botanicals is small batch, hand crafted, honestly green and intuitive skin care made from the purest plant-based ingredients. We are inspired by nature to provide authentic and beneficial plant-based products to encourage your healthiest, most radiant skin possible.

There's no such thing as an instant fix. We must look beneath the surface of our skin struggles to treat deeper issues within the body, alerting us through the body's largest organ. This is why we formulate our products to support our body functions such as the lymphatic system, the circulatory system and the nervous system, while never harming our micro-biome. Each plant remedy is chosen for a specific skin-loving benefit, free from synthetic additives, artificial fragrance, and questional performance-enhancing ingredients. These plants work in harmony with our body + support our skin's natural ability to heal itself. 

We believe that the greatest beauty is derived from your intuition. When we stop to listen to our bodies, we can discover what is (and is-not) serving us. From this, we can customize a skin care ritual that nurtures our skin and may be revised as necessary, according to our intuition.

Green beauty is more than skin deep, it's an intuitive, self-loving ritual which helps us feel nurtured, confident and recharged.




Always plant-based, gentle, active, effective and transparent. When you use our products, there should be no question in your mind about what you are putting on your skin and why. 


+  100% Natural botanical ingredients
+  Vegan(*excluding our bee products - clearly labeled*), Cruelty-free, gluten-free, GMO-free
+  Crafted by hand in small batches, with love
+  Organic and wild crafted ingredients whenever possible
+  Plant-based, pure, unadulturated ingredients, free of additives
+  Therapeutic grade, steam distilled essential oils, hexane-free absolutes & alcohol-free extracts
+  Recyclable/Reusable packaging
+  Solar powered


+  Petroleum
+  animal testing
+  mineral oils

+  glycerin

+  fillers
+  parabens
+  sodium laurel sulfate
+  synthetic preservatives
+  GMOs
+  Artificial Fragrances
+  Synthetic chemicals of any kind


+ We proudly power our business on a 39 panel solar array

+ Nearly all our products are packaged in reusable/recyclable glass with the exception of some of our samples. All of our thank you notes or promotional materials are made from recycled paper. 

+ We ship the majority of our orders in Cardboard and paper. Our cardboard boxes contain recycled content, to the highest degree allowed by the paper industry's standards. Our boxes are also printed in North America (USA and Canada) using materials sourced within each local region, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint than manufacturers who source raw or finished materials from overseas. In the occassion that we need to use foam wrap or a plastic mailer, we encourage you to re-use those materials.

+ We condemn the use of pesticides and herbicides, sourcing only certified organic, wild harvested or non-gmo ingredients.

+ We source from local small businesses whenever possible, often sourcing from Maine or right here in our town of Nottingham, NH. 

+ We sustainably harvest a portion of our ingredients from our own land, using water from the aquifer below our property to craft and clean our production equipment. 

+ We partner with other small women-owned brands and estheticians who are committed to sustainability.




I was born and raised in Vermont, with a passion for nature, animals and creativity. As a child, I spent hours upon hours outdoors, playing in the woods and crafting potions. Despite my shyness, I found my knack for entrepreneurship, making and selling whatever I could get my hands on. I sold greeting cards, made friendship bracelets, cut my friends hair and sewed my own clothes. Driven but lost, I wound up working my way up the ladder of the hospitality industry, working in finance for resorts in Burlington, VT, Key West, the Virgin Islands and Boston. However, after 14 years I was burned out and yearned to settle down at home with a family. 


By the time I became pregnant with my first child, I had been struggling with hormonal acne for 15 years, at which point I experienced the worst acne of my life. It was horrible to feel so embarrassed about my skin during such a joyous time. During my pregnancy, I started switching to natural and plant-based cosmetics and tried Argan Oil for the first time. Argan Oil was the magic bullet for me, which made me realize I had been approaching my skin all wrong. I had been treating my acne with harsh products rather than treating my root problems with a supportive lifestyle. Despite eating a plant-based diet, free of many hormonal disruptors and skin-destroying foods, I had still not balanced my hormones. I incorporated hormone-balancing Maca root into my life and went "All In" with natural beauty oils for my skin type. The combination worked and I've been mostly acne-free for 8 years, aside from normal breakouts.


Being home with my daughter taught me that I have creativity and business cups that need filling. I let my life experience, passion, and intuition guide me into my niche of holistic skin care. I finally found my expertise... in skin care formulation, plant distillation and written education. Now, practicing herbalism through product formulation, I could not imagine myself doing anything else. I want women to feel supported and nurtured through wellness and whole plants. I want women to tap into their intuition and find their balance to become the best version of themselves. I also thrive on supporting skin healers with ingredient compounds they can treat clients with. We have over 40 holistic esthetician partners whom I'm honored to work with. Empowering women through plant knowledge and holistic wisdom is a paramount value within Wilder North. 

Today, I live with my husband and our two kids in New Hampshire on our semi-off-grid property. We make excellent use of our 39-panel solar array, artesian well and new england plant life. The Wilder North studio-lab is a dedicated space on our property in which I am the sole proprieter and operator, from the process of formulation, to sourcing, bottling, labeling, artwork, marketing and more. I truly love what I do, this labor of love doesn't feel like a labor at all. 

Naturally yours, Marissa Masterson




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