Do you use all-natural ingredients?

Yes! We use only natural, organic, wildcrafted or non-gmo ingredients; plant-based or bee ingredients. We make every effort to use ingredient that are as close to nature as possible. We never use synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrance. We are obsessive about only using plants. 

Are you certified organic?

We are not Certified Organic as a brand, but we do use as many certified organic ingredients as possible. To obtain the USDA Organic or Organic certification requires a big investment and rigorous process for our micro-business. Although we would very much love to obtain this certification in the future, it's something that's not as important to us, as providing quality, clean, and beneficial products and being transparent about all our practices. For example, we can only obtain wildcrafted marula oil right now which is an amazing ingredient that we don't want to omit. Starting in September 2023, we began listing the percentage of organic ingredients used in each product. 

Where do you source your ingredients from?

OILS/HYDROSOLS - The lions share of our plant oils are sourced through our AMAZING local Maine botanical distributor, or reputable trusted sources such as Eden Botanicals, Organic Infusions, or Mountain Rose Herbs. We prefer to source most of our ingredients from Lotus Garden Botanicals in Maine, due to the meticulous quality standards their founder has implemented. Founder Karen Yarnold sources direct from distillers. "Regular visits to distillers located around the world, ranging from small artisan to large producers, ensure premium quality aromatherapy products that meet the high standards of Lotus Garden Botanicals. An additional level of quality assurance is in place by GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrum) testing essential oils." We source some of our hydrosols from the suppliers mentioned above, but we also many artisan-distill our own hydrosols for our Rare Native Collection, using locally grown or sustainable ingredients. 

SPECIALITY PLANT WHISPERERS - We have several independent gurus, distillers and enfleurage artisans who we work with for special ingredients such as our Sustainable Frankincense and Peony Enfleurage. We have been impressed by the care for the plants and the craft. 

HERBS - We source our herbs from a range of local organic herb farms throughout Vermont & Maine, such as Foster Farm Botanicals and Meeting House Farm Herb Collective, as well as through our local herb shop right here in Nottingham, NH. We also supplement with reputable organic herb distributors and our very own plants which we organically grow on our land. 

HONEY - We source our honey from 3 suppliers: 

Granite State Apiaries, here in our home of Nottingham, NH. Granite State Apiaries is a small family owned business dedicated to raising honey bees and producing raw natural honey.

Bee the Change, a Vermont initiative to plant pollinator habitats in the unused space surrounding solar fields. Bee the change places a diverse array of plantings in and around the solar field, with the goal of supporting a diverse array of pollinators. We have installed habitat in fields as small as an acre and as large as 50 acres across the region, creating habitat equivalent to every Vermont household, creating a 10 by 10’ pollinator garden. As you all know, Wilder North is Solar Powered, so supporting Bee the Change is a no-brainer. 

New Zealand Honey Co. "We’re proud to be radically transparent. Straight from the source, our honey comes from hives throughout the wild, rugged landscapes of New Zealand. Our honey is traceable back to the hive, UMF™ certified and contains no GMOs, Glyphosate residue, antibiotics or additives. We live by the principle that nature is best left untouched. Just like Champagne can only come from the Champagne region, authentic Manuka honey can only come from New Zealand"


Do you test on animals?

Absolutely NOT! We love animals and would do anything to protect their well-being. We are certified cruelty-free by PETA and part of their Beauty without Bunnies program. 


Are all your products vegan?

No, but the majority of them are. It's more important to us to create quality, natural, ethical and sustainable products than to exclude animal products all together. That being said, the only animal products we use, or will ever use, are Honeybee ingredients. All our products are vegetarian and gluten-free.  If you wish to read more about why we chose to use honeybee ingredients, click here! 


What is the shelf life of your products?

We always produce our products in micro-batches, which enables us to serve the most fresh and potent skin care possible. Since our products are 100% all-natural and we do not use any unnatural preservatives whatsoever, our products do have a shelf life, typically 9-12 months unless otherwise noted. If our products are kept out of direct sunlight, untouched by water and at room temperature or below, they will stay fresher longer. We also use, radish root ferment and Vitamin E in some of our products to extend the natural shelf life and keep products from oxidizing so they remain potent. In the rare case that you purchase one of our products and find that it is not fresh, please email us so we can handle this on a case-by-case basis. 

Shelf life can be extended by keeping products below 70F, free of moisture/water, tightly sealed, and store away from direct sunlight. 
  • All Oil Based Serums, Cleansing Oils, Body Oils, Oil Roll-Ons: 9 months from date of purchase
  • All Honey Based Masks: 9-12 months from date of purchase
  • All Oil Based Masks: 9 months from date of purchase
  • All oil and honey based Balms: 9-12 months from date of purchase
  • Hydrating Mists: 6 months from date of purchase
  • Rare Native Hydrosols(unpreserved): 3-6 months from date of purchase (best to keep refrigerated)
  • Dry Powders and Dry Masks: 12-18 months when kept free of moisture
I don't recommend stock piling, and instead just ordering what you need for a 3-6 month period at a time. 

Why is the product I received different than the color on your website or different than the last one I bought? 

The color and texture of our products can change batch to batch. Natural ingredients vary in color and texture due to factors such as plant environment, harvest time, weather, region and more. Change in color or even slight scent change does not affect the quality or benefits of our products.






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