Sweet testimonials from our verified customers...


"Is one of my all time favorites to use in the morning before my makeup. I always switch between this and the youth elixir because I feel like they are combating any aging I have going on and brightening my skin at the same time. I'm so glad a bought a huge haul of products this last year to last me for 2018 because it's going to be a stressful year!" - Natalie K. (verified buyer)


this stuff is amazing!

"I purchased this elixir during a sale and am so happy I went out on a limb to get it. I believe the description says something about fairy skin and it could not be more accurate. The smell is absolutely magical and the oily texture feels light, yet so moisturizing on my skin! I feel like my face looks more dewy and well-hydrated. Cannot say enough great things about it! Love this and hope the brand continues to offer it. I will definitely repurchase!" - Anonymous Verified Buyer


The elixir that actually works

"This product is amazing! I use it twice a day for couple weeks now, my skin is brighter than ever and feels very hydrated without getting it too oily, I will continue to use it to see what other benefits it offers! Will definitely recommend this product 10/10!!" - beautynursewithoutbunny


I’m in love

"This was the first product I tried from Wilder North. I had been using products from very well known expensive brands and wasn’t happy...until now. This is magic in a bottle. I’ve seen a difference in my dry peeling skin and clogged pours literally over night. I’m excited to use this again and to continue trying the other products Wilder North has to offer." - Tracey R. (verified buyer)


Wild blossom radiance serum

"I am loving the wild Blossom radiance serum! It has been hydrating, nurturing, and healing for my skin. I can’t wait to try other products. I will definitely use this product again!!" - Anonymous Verified Buyer


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