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Our skin serums are the heart of Wilder North, thoughtfully & passionately formulated from the herbalist mindset, with a great respect & appreciation for nature's medicinal abundance of botanicals. 

Our Oil-based serums are one half of the moisturizing process. Unlike conventional skincare, which combines both oil & water with harsh chemicals like emulsifiers and preservatives, we choose to separate the lipid-rich oil from our botanical waters. We package and deliver these essential moisturisers and hydrators separately to the skin, eliminating the need for additives that have no benefit to our precious microbiome. 

The lions share of our skin serums begin with a maceration of organic whole plants, most often locally sourced from small farms in New England. Our meticulous Maine oil guru travels the world to source the highest quality plant oils and extracts for us to select from, bringing only the most vibrant and vital oils into each skin serum. All of the oils we use are either certified organic or sustainably wild harvested. 

We use a low dillution of essential oils and potent Co2 plant extracts to elevate the entire formula and work synergistically with our chosen whole plants. 

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