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Mini Esthetician Discovery Package

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The Discovery package is exclusively available to estheticians who would like to immerse in the deep green ethos of Wilder North and our family. The most convenient way for Professional Estheticians to try our Core Products, our package of 20 mini and sample sized items. This package is at a special discount of 50%, exclusively for Estheticians. Sizes vary. 

Each skin specific plant oil, purifying cleanser, mask and mist has been crafted with our healing plant-allies, to work with skin's microbiome and support a graceful aging process. 

1 of Each:

Hydrating Mists 15ml:


Skin Serums 15ml

Masques & Facial Treatments (SAMPLE SIZE)


  •  Because our Beauty Balms are produced seasonally in limited batches, we have not included them in this package. We strongly recommend adding  trial sizes of our beauty balms if you are interested in them!



Holistic Skin Care is all about our bio-individuality. What holistically formulated topical products do, is support our unique, individual, biological makeup, promoting the wellness of our systems & functions. We think of holistic skin care as a tool to reach peak performance. It's all about individuality and the plants.





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