The Minimalist Oil

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GOAL: Achieve your best skin with the least product, so you can feel confident enough to go makeup-free

USE: As Needed

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Lightly nutty, Fragrance-Free(no essential oils or fragrance added)

SKINTYPE: All - yes even sensitive!

WHY WE LOVE IT: It does all the heavy lifting. It's the only product you really need for cleansing, moisture, toning, acne, wrinkles and inflammation.

BENEFITS: Wilder North's New Minimalist Oil is a 10-in-1 superstar, formulated with the most beneficial and pure ingredients on earth, to treat ALL Skin types. We dreamed up one product to do it all, simplify your skin care routine and minimize the amount of makeup you apply. The Minimalist Oil is a powerhouse of Argan Oil, Marula Oil & Prickly Pear Seed Oil with boosting agents of moisture-rich, organic Squalane and brightening White Peony Root. 100% non-comedogenic, the Minimalist Oil will never clog pores or cause breakouts. This wonder oil is suitable to use as a serum or moisturizer, cleansing oil, wrinkle fighter, eczema treatment brightener, lip conditioner, hair conditioner, acne prevention and toner.  Use it on your face, lips, neck, decollette, body, cuticles and hair. For minimalist and natural beauties, The Minimalist Oil is truly the only product you need in your beauty arsenal*.  One product for your best skin ever. Toss the foundation!



 CRUELTY-FREE INGREDIENTS: *argan oil, *Marula oil, *prickly pear seed oil, *olive derived squalane, *white peony root. * denotes Clean Ingredients - certified organic, wild harvested or non-gmo.

* - Results and preferences vary. Those in moderate climates agree that this product can replace most others. The statements above are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent medical conditions or disease.

We strongly recommend a clean and healthy diet + exercise + plenty of water every day to make your skin glow from the inside out!

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