Nectar manuka honey balm

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fomerly "Manuka Nectar"


Made with honeybee ingredients


Our Nectar Balm is blended with honeybee ingredients beneficial for cultivating healthy skin. Bees hold a special place in my heart, as beekeeping is a beloved Vermont family tradition. My grandfather, aunts and cousins have all kept bees, and although I have never kept bees myself, I feel lucky to be surrounded by such nurturing, patient and natureful souls. Easily the most hardworking creatures on earth, bees are truly wonderous and their results are nothing short of miraculous. As healthy as bee products are for our bodies internally, they are equally beneficial externally. We have carefully selected 5 actively beneficial bee products to create the ultimate nectar for healthy, radiant skin. All the bee ingredients we use are pesticide-free, chemical-free, and antibiotic-free. The source of our bee ingredients treats the bees as humanely as possible and keep interference in the bees life to a minimum. Read more on the blog!

GOAL: Pro-Age / Blemish Resolution / Eczema treatment

USE Day or Night

SKIN CONDITION: All - especially dry or mature skin or skin prone to dermatitis, eczema. acne treatment.


WHY WE LOVE IT: lightly fragrant of wildflowers with honeycomb.

BENEFITS: Our beloved bee-centric balm is a potent curative, alleviating skin irritation, resolving blemishes and promoting graceful aging. The high Unique Manuka Factor(UMF 15+/MGO 514+) of our monofloral new zealand manuka honey destroys bacteria that may contribute to acne as well as reduces allergenic skin reactions like dermatitis. Honey, bee propolis and royal jelly are notorious for improving collagen synthesis while promoting skin cell renewal for youthful, radiant skin. Nectar balm is gentle enough for delicate areas such as under eyes, neck, decolletage, but powerful enough for entire face and body, blemishes, irritations, cuticles, lips, dry elbows, knees or feet. Use under makeup, as a night treatment or mix with your favorite serum. This beauty balm is one of our most valuable acne treatments, preserving our microbiome while effectively resolving a multitude of skin ailments. 


Color may vary from batch to batch due to the natural ingredients used, such as beeswax, which can vary.

Natural color variation is normal batch to batch. Although we blend this quite smooth and creamy, it's natural to see or feel slightly unblended particles of bees wax or propolis in this balm. Some people prefer to use this balm as a night treatment for this reason which we think is great!

Ingredients: *argan oil, *marula oil, *evening primrose oil infused with bee propolis, raw new Zealand manuka honey, bee’s wax, *hibiscus flower, royal jelly, *jasmine sambac essential absolute oil.

* denotes Clean Ingredients






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