What your Skin Needs (and doesn't need) - a holistic guide

What your Skin Needs (and doesn't need) - a holistic guide

Published by Marissa Masterson on Mar 29th 2021

Cultivating your skin ritual can seem daunting with all the options, brands, ingredients and conflicting opinions. I'll be honest, simple is better. Your skin knows how to heal all by itself. We're born and raised without skin products being applied to our faces, and at some point we're told we need to use products... or a skin problem arises from an external factor like environment, diet, outside stress and more. So what's a woman to do?

Choose your skin friends carefully, with products that support you!

Choose a Cleanser or two. 

Preferably, a Cleansing Oil and a Milk Cleanser. These are the most gentle and supportive for your skin's microbiome while effectively purifying. You'll ideally want both so you can alternate depending on the state of your skin. 

These Cleansers are the friends who comfort you after a breakup.

Choose a Hydrating Mist. 

This can be as simple as rose water, or as fancy as a blend like our Vital Botanic Hydrating Mist... but this is a step you should not skip. A Mist delivers hydration to your skin without additives that can harm your microbiome. 

Hydrating Mists are the friends who energize and replenish your spirit.

Choose a low-comedogenic Skin Oil/Serum. 

We use these terms interchangeably because all of our face oils contain active ingredients that address skin concerns. Applying a face oil after your mist will help lock in that moisture and hydration. Choose a couple so you can alternate as needed. 

Skin Oils are the loyal friends that have your back no matter what.

THATS IT... that's all you need for a simple skin ritual, a small circle of your best girl friends. Giving you skin a break from alllll the other products will work wonders for improving skin health. You may choose to add a beauty balm, a blemish spot treatment, an occasional mask or eye cream... but think of those as added treats for your skin.

With friends like this, you don't need enemies (what your skin doesn't need)...

Regular Exfoliation

Most people over-exfoliate, which can damage your microbiome, wiping out all that good bacteria that you need for healthy skin, this leads to inflammation and more. If you choose to exfoliate, ditch the harsh synthetic chemicals. Go for a fruit enzyme mask, a fine grain cleanser, or a professional microblading. Your best bet, let a holistic esthetician exfoliate your skin once per month. If you don't see an esthetician, choose a gentle mask that you can massage in before letting it sit. 

Exfoliation is that friend who sucks you into her drama.

Hyalauronic Acid. 

This ingredient is tricky because it's goal is to pull moisture to the skin from your environment. But if your environment is dry, it can do the opposite and pull moisture out of your skin. If you choose to use hyalauronic acid, make sure your face is very wet before applying. Better yet, just take a hyalauronic acid supplement and drink more water if your skin lacks hydration. 

Hyalauronic Acid is a fair-weather friend who only has your back when it's good for her.

Synthetic Retinoids. 

Retinoid products can be very irritating and harmful to skin if overused. These can dry out your skin, causing peeling and reddening. 

Listen, it's harming you, say goodbye to this Abusive friend, you don't need friends like this.

Ingredients you can't pronounce. 

Can't say it? Why use it? You're blindly trusting a cosmetics manufacturer or lab with your precious skin. Have they even bothered to explain to you what these un-pronouncable ingredients are for? 

These tongue-twister friends are Gas-Lighters, making you think you need them when you know in your heart that you don't.

Solubilizers, Emulsifiers, Surfactants. These will likely fall under the un-pronouncable category, but they deserve extra credit. They'll tell you that products won't work without them, but they are wrong. These are added ingredients that give products a desirable texture, appearance or action, but they have no benefit to your skin and will likely cause irritation. 

These are back-stabber friends, don't let them infiltrate your inner circle. 

Other Holistic Tips for your Healthiest Skin:

  • Exercise - pump that lymphatic system to remove toxins and stagnant fluids that can dull your complexion.
  • Water - drink it up for hydrated, plump skin
  • Eat your Greens - dark leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that will leave your skin glowing. It's high content of anti-oxidants keeps skin tight and firm and reduces fine lines.
  • Wear a Hat - after 15 minutes of healthy sunshine to protect your skin from the harmful affects of UV rays. 
  • Collagen or hyalauronic acid supplements can support your skin hydration and elasticity.
  • Moderate SugarDairy, Meat and Soy which all have beauty-depriving effects on the skin.

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