Face Mapping : Your Guide to Internal & External Beauty

Face Mapping : Your Guide to Internal & External Beauty

Published by Rebekah Warlick, LE - www.TheHolisticHopeful.com on Aug 11th 2016

Our skin can be the windows to our internal health. 

This idea stems from ancient Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Face mapping is the concept that our breakouts, irritations, and other skin irregularities show up in certain areas of our face that correlate to a different internal body issue. A basic example: a stubborn breakout keeps showing up on your chin and you cannot figure out why. Face mapping will say that these breakouts may be due to a lingering health issue happening inside of the body. Below, I have broken down some of the major areas of the face into the organs that may be causing the problem, what you can try to solve this issue, what you can use topically on your skin, & other possible causes of the breakouts. This can be used as a guide to help you figure out what triggers your skin care issues!

Face Mapping

Middle of Chin

Organs: Kidneys, Bladder, Colon, Elimination

Cause : This area can show an issue with the elimination of toxins within the body. This could mean the kidneys are being overworked, constipation or other elimination processes are not working properly. Hormonal breakouts can also show up in the chin.

What to try: If you are noticing issues in this area I recommend ditching dairy products, heavily oily meals, and processed foods. Replace these foods with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. Foods high in fiber will help to keep your elimination organs, like the colon & intestines, working properly and eliminating the waste in your body at the proper rate. If waste is stagnant in your digestive tract this will cause the whole digestion process to slow. If you are not digesting your food properly it will be harder to absorb nutrients which can cause a plethora of health and skin issues. Many times, adding food & drink with active cultures in it, like kefir, cultured veggies, & kombucha, can help add the good bacteria into the gut to aid in the elimination process.

Topical Aids : While you are changing your diet you can still treat the area topically to aid in the healing process. For breakouts in this area, I suggest trying a gentle clay mask 1 or 2 times a week. Taking a bath with salts can also help with the detoxification process.

Other possible causes: If you are still noticing issues in the chin after a few lifestyle changes there is a possibility of the irritation coming from your toothpaste. This can be a quick fix, but it may take a bit of time to find one that is right for you. I usually recommend a natural toothpaste that is free of harmful or irritating ingredients typically found in toothpaste or mouthwash.

Side of Chin & Jawline

Internal Organs: Hormonal Issues

Cause : Many times, jawline & chin area breakouts can mean hormonal issues. These hormonal issues can be caused by stress, poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, and anything else that can cause hormonal imbalances.

What to try: The best ways to minimize and eliminate these hormonal breakouts is to look at your diet and stress levels. Try staying away from dairy, sugar, & processed foods. All of these foods can have a negative impact on your hormones which will then trigger these breakouts. Stress is a major factor for hormonal breakouts. When you are stressed this causes a fight or flight response within the body. This will then trigger the release of stress hormones like cortisol and inflammation within the body. To lower your stress levels incorporate exercise and movement into your life, make plenty of time for self-care, and get plenty of sleep!

Topical Aids : Hormonal breakouts need to be calmed, soothed, and cleansed. Try a cool tea compress followed by a gentle clay mask to get you on your way to clear skin.

Other possible causes: Dirty phone, dirty pillow cases & sheets, touching your face too much or resting your head on your hand.


Internal Organs : Heart &/ or blood health

Cause : Issues associated with the blood and heart can show up as breakouts and irritation around the nose. This could be a blood pressure abnormality, cholesterol issues, or outside pollution.

What to try : If you think you are dealing with an issue of pollution, concentrate on detoxifying the body. Eat a variety of vegetables and include a lot of leafy greens. Look for teas that include detoxing ingredients like dandelion. To help remove toxins from the body stay hydrated, drink a lot of water, and eat foods high in water content. If you tend to get stressed easily -- exercise regularly, try out a meditation practice, and make time for relaxation and sleep.

Topical Aids : Reach for a gentle clay mask. After your clay mask add an organic hydrating gel mask or aloe vera to keep the area hydrated without adding too many oils. Dry brushing on a regular basis can aid in detoxification, circulation, & lymphatic drainage.

Other possible causes : Dirty sunglasses, irritating cosmetics, dirty makeup brushes


Internal Organs : Lungs

What is the Cause : Smoking and high pollution levels are big ones for breakouts & irritation on the cheeks. Asthma can be another cause of issues for the upper cheek area.

What to try : Quit smoking if you currently smoke. Surround yourself with air purifiers, plants, Himalayan salt lamps, & essential oil diffusers. Eat lots of green vegetables, drink green tea, & concentrate on detoxifying the body.

Topical Aids : Try a calming and soothing tea compress on the cheek area. Many times this area shows more as irritation than just breakouts. Try not to strip the skin and treat the area gently.

Other possible causes : sleeping on dirty pillows, talking on a dirty phone, use of hair care products with irritating ingredients, touching your face too often

Middle of Eye Brows

Internal Organs : Liver

What is the Cause : When breakouts appear in the middle of the eyebrows this can be linked to issues with the liver and dehydration.

What to try: Many ‘between the brows’ breakouts show up after an evening of sipping on cocktails. If you enjoy drinking try minimizing your intake over time. When you do drink, opt for drinks with less sugar. Drinking or not, drink plenty of water and eat foods high in water content to stay hydrated and to flush toxins out of your system.

Topical Aids : If it is one or two little breakouts try a spot treatment on the area. If you are having a few drinks ALWAYS make sure to wash your face and apply a moisturizer before going to sleep no matter how much you want to skip it!

Other possible causes : Dirty sunglasses, makeup irritation, post waxing breakouts
Under Eyes
Internal Organs : Kidneys

What is the Cause : Puffiness under the eyes can be a sign that you are ingesting too much sodium or foods that are high in fat & sugar. Dehydration can also cause under eye puffiness.

What to try: Lower your sodium intake by eliminating processed foods and fast food. Stay very hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout your day.

Topical Aids: cool tea compresses over the eyes, chill spoons in your fridge and place over the eyes, invest in a great eye cream or serum.

Other possible causes : Milia can form due to heavy creams, irritation can stem from harsh under eye products, dark circles can be a sign of trouble breathing, especially while sleeping.


Internal Organs: Bladder, Liver, Intestines
Cause : Breakouts on the forehead are often times related to high sugar intake or from consuming processed foods. Many issues in the forehead come from the body having a difficult time digesting certain foods. Dehydration plays a major role in breakouts, fine lines, & irritation on the forehead.

What to try: Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Your internal levels of hydration do impact your skin. When your body is not hydrated you are not able to get rid of toxins and it also makes digestion difficult. Eat a whole foods diet with plenty of raw vegetables and high water content fruits. Eliminate processed & fast foods. Cut back or eliminate dairy and wheat from your diet and see how that impacts your breakouts. Check your labels for processed sugars and amounts of sugar. Stress can also play a role in breakouts on the forehead. Get enough rest, regular exercise, and self-care time.

Topical Aids : A light exfoliation followed by a gentle clay mask and hydrating moisturizer can be a great option for your breakouts on your forehead

Other possible causes : irritating hair care products, not cleansing your face properly, irritating cosmetics, touching your face too often

Face mapping pic

Overall, for glowing and flawless skin always check your diet. Aim for a whole foods diet with a variety of foods that include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep your systems flowing. Check your makeup and hair care products for irritating and pore clogging ingredients. Wash your face two times a day and apply moisturizer and serums post cleanse. Having a detoxifying clay mask on hand is almost always a good tool for breakouts. Get plenty of sleep, rest, & relaxation to keep stress levels down and to allow your systems the time they need to work properly. This is a basic guideline for face mapping that I hope can help point you in the right direction of where your skin care concerns may be stemming from!

If you are having any medical issues please consult with your doctor if there may be a major concern! 

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