Green Beauty Community Praise

"Probably my most favorite item in this line, this Regal Rose Otto Elixir(rose gold elixir) combines Argan oil with nature’s queen of the flowers, the Rose. Regal is a regenerative, wrinkle-fighting, and healing serum, perfect for firming and toning all skin types" - Organic Bunny - Read the full review here!


"my love affair with these products and this brand is true love.... The Lavender and Lemon scent of this scrub is sublime and perfect for days or nights when you need a little relaxation." - The Whitney Story - Read the full review here!


"The Regal Rose Elixir is out of this world! She sold me on just the rose scent, but what it did for my skin in the past three weeks is unlike any other elixir/oil I have ever used. It made my skin so noticeably soft in just one use. In just two weeks the lines around my eyes diminished" - Aunasurel - Read the full review here!


(Pumpkin spice sugar scrub) "Amaiiiiiiizing. This is my favorite smelling scrub I have ever used, I can't wait to try their winter seasonal scrubs! It is made of a bunch of oils and organic sugar for exfoliation. I wish I could share the smell with you, it's so good. The exfoliators are excellent unless you have really sensitive skin, and afterwards my face feels super soft from all the oils in the scrub." Torey Noora, Beauty and Beautitudes - Read the full review here!


(Rose Gold Serum) "This luxe, rose-centric argan oil blend is AR’s #1 bestseller, and I totes understand why."... "I just use a few drops on my face and neck before beddies, and then I literally wake up looking mad-refreshed and glowy. " ... "I adore each one of these Argan Republic products" - Sunny, Vegan Beauty Review - Read the full review here!


"Rooibos Hibiscus toner: I have been using this for two weeks solid, twice per day and am love. I have had such a difficult time finding a toner that I really love." - Monica from - read the full review here

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