Antidote - blemish serum (updated formula!)

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updated formula


Newly Updated Formula: we've added a broader spectrum of therapeutic benefits by infusing 2 types of frankincense resin(sustainable rivae and dalzielii) and the addition of royal green hojari frankincense essential oil.
GOAL: treat and prevent acne

USE: Day or Night

PRIMARY NOTES: Herbal notes of lavender and resinous, citrusy, warm notes of frankincense.

SKIN TYPE: Blemish prone, adult acne, hormonal acne

WHY WE LOVE IT: non-drying, moisture balancing, fresh fragrance

BENEFITS: Our most-loved acne treatment, Antidote - serum for blemish prone skin contains healing and regenerative botanicals to prevent acne, balance sebum levels, resolve existing acne scars and soothe inflamed, irritated skin. We slow-infuse two medicinal types of whole frankincense resin into complimentary oils, to retain the important valuable Boswellic acid, which has been used since ancient times to treat humans. Essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree and Frankincense discourage bacteria and provide therapeutic benefits against acne and irritation. The high level of linoleic acid this serum contains, helps to regulate sebum flow, maintaining fluidity through pores. This is a therapeutic blemish treatment of carefully selected botanicals that will never dry, strip or irritate your skin. 

30 ml

DIRECTIONS: Massage 3-4 drops of serum onto clean face, neck or body morning and night. Suitable for most skin types, especially acne-prone.

*Consult your doctor if nursing or pregnant.

Because this acne treatment is an all natural product with no artificial additives or fragrance, your skin may show signs of detoxification. I recommend giving your skin 10 days to acclimate. Eat clean, drink plenty of water and exfoliate regularly to rid your skin of toxins. The end result will be a beautiful glowing complexion! Goodbye adult acne!



*Argania Spinosa(argan oil), *cannabis sativa (hemp seed oil),*Sclerocarya birrea(Marula oil), *Sustainable Frankincense Rivae, *Frankincense Dalzielii, essential oils of: *Lavandula angustifolia(lavender), *Melaleuca alternifolia(tea tree) and *Boswellia sacra (Royal Green Hojari Frankincense essential oil). * = Clean Ingredients(organic, wild crafted or non-gmo)



Hemp Seed Oil 

This beauty oil is fantastic for restoring harmony to inflamed, angry skin. It's high in linoleic acid which naturally occurs in our own skin sebum. Linoleic acid keeps sebum moist and fluid, making it easier to flow out of your skin and prevent clogged pores. Hemp seed oil can reduce inflammation and dryness, even skin tone and is proficient at treating acne. I always include this oil in my acne formulations.

Tea Tree

The most common and well known use for tea tree oil is the treatment of acne. It's powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral qualities encourage healing. Unlike benzoyl peroxide, it doesn't cause redness and peeling but it's equally as powerful. It's also effective against inflamed skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.


Frankincense has been used medicinally for thousands of years and is sourced from the resin of the Boswellia tree, commonly grown in Somalia. It is a powerful astringent which speed sup the healing of acne, protects skin from bacteria and lifts & tightens. Frankincense will fade scars, controls sebum production, tones uneven skin, promotes cell regeneration, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and moisturizes dry skin.



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