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From our Wilder North Expert and Holistic Esthetician, these are Veggie Babe's Favorites from our collection! Our most loved Blue Chamomile Cleansing Oil, Manuka Rising Facial and Wild Blossom Radiance Serum. If calming your angry skin is your goal, this bundle is your best bet. The anti-inflammatory ingredients of each thoughtful product reduce redness and symptoms of sensitivity while the anti-aging ingredients go to work to rejuvenate your skin so you feel refreshed and clear!


Blue Chamomile Cleansing Oil - 50ml

Wild Blossom Radiance Serum - 30ml

Manuka Rising Facial - 60ml



GOAL: Deep facial cleanser and makeup remover for sensitive skin

USE: 2-3 times per week

SKINTYPE: Sensitive to Normal

WHY WE LOVE IT: Ultra soothing for angry skin

SCENT: soothing chamomile and herbal notes of rosemary & lavender.

BENEFITS: Our Blue Chamomile Cleansing Oil is a soothing cleanser and makeup remover for sensitive skin. Natural beauty oils of Argan oil, rosehip, evening primrose, castor, and grape seed oil, harmonize to deeply penetrate your skin to gently loosen sebum, toxins and dirt. Evening primrose oil is known for it's ability to reduce inflammation while the blue azulene in german blue chamomile oil is calms angry skin. Topped off with everyone's favorite soothing oil, lavender, this aromatic lullabye of purifying ingredients will deep clean even the most irritated skin.

If you've never used an oil based facial cleanser before, prepare for a purity like no other. The oil cleansing method will completely change your opinion about facial cleansers. 


GOAL: Achieve Luminescent Fairy skin! This serum improves luster, tone, youthfulness and overall health of skin. 

USE: as needed


WHY WE LOVE IT: Besides the fact that the wild blossom elixir smells like a magical garden? it's a multi-floral cure-all, literally solving everything from acne, to aging, eczema, sensitivities, allergies, and moisture imbalance.

BENEFITS: Make your skin as divine as a flower with the Wild Blossom Radiance SErum This botanical beauty elixir is a luxury floral powerhouse blended with natures pretty little wonders for a multitude of skin benefits. Argan oil plays a major roll combating free radicals, treating acne and restoring skin elasticity while the exquisite flower line-up, covers literally every skin ailment you can think of. The magic of orchid, pink lotus, jasmine, rose and lilac have joined forces to infuse your skin with youth, vitality and luster.  Just like everyone has a favorite flower, every flower has a purpose; the wild blossom elixir is a favorite for everyone, of all skin-types. 



Goal: Anti-aging / adult acne treatment / detoxification / nourish

Use: as needed

Skintype: All - especially dry skin prone to dermatitis & eczema, but also skin prone to acne or aging skin. gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Why we love it: smells like a sweet strawberry field full of honeycomb. Skin feels silky smooth after.

Benefits: Everything about Manuka Rising is elevated and it will take your skin to a level you haven't seen in years. It is an intoxicating concentrated bee blend of bee propolis, royal jelly, manuka honey and bee pollen. The amazingly strong anti-bacterial properties of bee products will diminish acne as well as reduce the appearance of allergenic skin issues like dermatitis. Bee products are notorious for promoting collagen production while upping your skin's natural cell regeneration to reveal youthful, radiant skin. Active and natural fruit enzymes gently exfoliate and visibly resurface your skin to banish pollutants and reveal a fresh, radiant glow. Certified organic argan oil, botanical oils and extracts nourish, tone and tighten while gentle kaolin clays remove impurities and promote circulation. The sweet aroma of honey and rich, romantic florals will take you away and kiss your skin with bliss. Seriously, the Manuka Rising facial is worth pairing with a fine glass of rose as you wait. This is one of our best acne products and is fantastic for adult acne.

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