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I know that frustration, when you order a full sized beauty product, only to discover it doesn't work for your skin! That's why we offer trial sizes, so you can watch your skin results over a 30-day period and only re-invest if your skin loves them! Each concentrated beauty balm trial will last approximately 20-30 days.

➳♥ denotes Best Seller

➳♥ Blue Serenity Beauty Balm (10ml) - best for: INFLAMMATION | ECZEMA | ACNE | MOISTURE (Now 10mls)

BENEFITS: Some of us just can't find a product that doesn't anger our sensitive skin. Extremely sensitive skin can be frustrating because it's hard to pinpoint what is causing the inflammation. Look no further! Blue Serenity Beauty Balm has been carefully formulated with active ingredients chosen to ease eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, inflammation, counteract allergens, nourish and regenerate damaged skin cells. This deeply penetrating moisturizing serum will not clog pores but instead will tighten pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Developed with three essential oils containing azulene, this organic compound is known for its extreme anti-inflammatory properties which are ideal for stressed, damaged or acne-prone skin. Your skin will be enveloped in Blue Serenity and you'll notice an overall reduction of redness and drastic improvement in complexion.

➳♥ Cucumber Matcha Eye Balm (5ml) - best for: RENEWAL | PUFFINESS | INFLAMMATION | PUFFINESS

Benefits: Cucumber Matcha Eye Balm is a brightening blend of super-anti-oxidant botanicals and soothing oils which reduce the appearance of wrinkles and quell puffiness. The two varieties of green tea in this eye balm help reduce darkness and the appearance of puffiness around your eyes. We use gentle and light oils that won't irritate the fragile skin around your eyes but will help promote healthy collagen levels and skin elasticity so your skin will look smooth and taut. Beeswax is an anti-allergen which can help combat redness, swelling and inflammation while also protecting skin from the elements and retaining moisture. The Cucumber Matcha eye balm is perfect for mature skin but can be used on all skin types and is a fantastic preventative treatment for morning and night. 

➳♥ Manuka Nectar Beauty Balm (10ml) - best or: REWNEWAL | ACNE| INFLAMMATION | MOISTURE 

Benefits: This heavenly concentrated honeybee balm is ultra powerful, healing, and regenerative. The amazingly strong anti-bacterial properties of manuka honey will treat acne as well as reduce allergenic skin issues like dermatitis. Bee products are notorious for improving collagen production while promoting skin cell regeneration to reveal youthful, radiant skin. The sweet smell of manuka honey and jasmine will envelope your senses and sink deep into your pores for the ultimate facial treat. The Manuka Nectar beauty balm is gentle enough for delicate areas such as under eyes, neck, decolletage, but powerful enough for entire face and body, cuticles, lips, dry elbows, knees or feet. Use under makeup, as a night treatment or mix with your favorite serum. This beauty balm is one of our best acne treatments.

Whipped Gold 5ml - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

Wild Blossom 5ml - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT



 * Some Trial Size Beauty Balms may not come labeled, please refer to the website for directions and ingredients. *




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