The Longevity Scalp & Body Comb

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Especially Beneficial for: SCALP, NECK & BODY MASSAGE, or facial Gua Sha.

Our brand new original tool was designed by Wilder North founder Marissa Masterson.

The Longevity Comb is designed specifically to be used for Scalp, Neck and Body to release the feeling of tension and smooth out visible appearance of cellulite. You may also use this tool for Facial Gua Sha. This tool is not intended for "Traditional Body Gua Sha", which should only be practiced by a trained professional.

This tool is an originally design by Wilder North Founder, Marissa Masterson with input from holistic estheticians.


Anti-bacterial in nature, Copper is a relieving mineral known to be a powerful conductor of energy and helps promote circulation and purification. Copper is an essential nutrient to humans and considered to purify and increase energy. It can reduce visible symptoms associated with inflammation due to it's ability to draw or "disburse" heat from tissues. There is also evidence that copper can promote collagen & elastin, strengthening and renewing the skin and boosting hyalauronic acid which visibly plumps and hydrates skin. All of these benefits make copper the ideal material to practice gentle body stimulation and sculpting to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stimulate the scalp for healthier hair and relaxed face.

Copper is also considered beneficial for stimulating the flow of energy, channeling & amplifying thoughts and improving communication


  • Listing is for 1 Comb including protective felt pouch
  • Made of 100% Pure Yellow Copper
  • Copper is a metal which develops it's own patina over time, changing colors, often to blue-green. This is a normal and magical feature which we want you to treasure, as no single tool will age like another.
  • Approximate size: 4" x 2.5"
  • Our current batch has a slightly curved edge

SHOULD YOU WISH TO USE THIS TOOL FOR FACIAL GUA SHA: We believe in supporting the health and wellbeing of ALL women, empowering them to introduce self-loving rituals which can increase confidence and sense of self. We believe gua sha is a beautiful modality, which combined with holistic lifestyle changes and plant-based products, can benefit the skin health all women. It is important to know and respect that Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine, and learn from a thoughtful, highly skilled gua sha practitioner with formal training. 

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