Mount Shasta Sage + Herbal Smoke Wand

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Mount Shasta, located near the Oregon border in northern California, holds the distinction of being one of the world’s preeminent sacred mountains.

Sustainably Harvested Mt. Shasta Cedar Smoke Clearing Wand

Hand harvested in the traditional way by giving an offering of tobacco or loose herbs when harvested.

Also picking up trash, cleaning the surrounding in the forest.

In Folk Herbalism, Cedar has been employed for its powerful grounding energy. In many esoteric traditions it is known to help one become more resilient in the face of personal challenges in life. Its predominant Saturnian qualities can help one become more deeply rooted on their personal path, helping to cultivate spiritual strength and foundation. For many, working with Cedar on a spiritual level has helped build confidence and courage. In a psycho-spiritual sense, Cedar has been used to help people overcome anxieties, self-doubt, and insecurities, strengthening ones roots and stoking the fire of confidence within.


Set an intention for your ritual with positive thoughts.

Light your sage wand at the tip and blow out the flame, allowing the bundle to smolder. 

We recommend using an abalone shell to safely hold the wand as it burns.

Gently feather the smoke throughout your home while being mindful of your intention. Release the smoke into every area of the room, paying special attention to areas of concern. Your can also purify your own energy by letting the smoke encircle your body. 

  • Listing is for 1 Wand
  • These are LARGE, 10"-11" (probably the largest smudge wand you have ever seen!)
  • Made from Mt. Shasta Sage & Cedar
  • Red Ties
  • Amazingly Fragrant!




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