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Love your Lymph and Support your Immune System with our three favorite topical tools.  

3 Amazing ways to Love your Lymph and promote healthy skin + immunity...

  • Flow & Glow Roll-on Liniment - Busy Woman's Lymph support. This is a daily roll-on, made from herbs and oils which support the function of lymph by reducing inflammation and promoting flow. This is the quickest and most simple ritual.
  • Genuine Jadeite Jade Roller - The weight of the tool gently rolls lymphatic fluid to drainage points, reducing puffiness and moving impurities out! This is a other quick ritual for busy ladies.
  • Fluorite Logevity Gua Sha Tool - The weight and broad surface area of a gua sha tool stimulate lymph with a slow and meticulous strokes beneficial for not only lymph + immunity, but also stress reduction.

I'm a huge fan of supporting the lymphatic system and immune system with measures of self-love. The anti-stress effect alone can have a huge impact on your health. Don't forget there are ways to support your lymphatic system without tools. Exercise is my favorite!

❔Which type fits your lifestyle? Maybe a daily liniment but gua sha when you have more time? Maybe you roll in the AM and Gua Sha in the evening? You don't have to do what your friends are doing, Choose what you enjoy and make it work for your lifestyle.



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