Mabon Harvest Body Oil

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Balancing Autumn Body Oil

Skin Spells Collection by Wilder North X Veggie Babe

A magical collaboration with the intention of elevating every woman’s self-love ritual. We believe in radiant beauty through radical self-care. Our body oils are carefully crafted to nourish & nurture your skin through every change of season. We believe the path to self-love & self-acceptance is deeply rooted in self-care & with this in mind, we created this line of exquisite seasonal body oils. It is our intention that as you massage these lovingly formulated oils into your skin you will appreciate your body for all the amazing things it has done for you! Each oil will leave your skin INCREDIBLY soft with NO excess residue.

GOAL: Balances Moisture/Sebum to reduce body acne from summer sweat!

USE: Daily

PRIMARY NOTES: Warm Forest vibes of Vanilla and Leaves


WHY WE LOVE IT: Light yet deeply absorbing and not overly scented.

BENEFITS: Named for the Autumnal equinox celebration, Mabon. Our Autumn Body Oil is just the thing your body will crave in this season of change as we turn inward and prepare to get cozy for earlier darkness and crisp temperatures. Balance is what we need and our hemp and sesame oils will do just that so your skin can adjust to the changes. Vanilla warms fragrant cedarwood, the truest scent of autumn. 

4 oz/120 ml pump bottle


*Cannabis sativa(Hemp Seed Oil), *Sesamun indicum(Sesame Seed Oil), *Cocos nucifera(Fractioned Coconut Oil), *Cucurbita pepo(Pumpkin Seed Oil), *Vanilla planifolia(Vanilla Absolute), *Thuja plicata(Red Cedar Wood Essential Oil), *Picea mariana(Black Spruce Essential oil), *Cedrus deodara(Himalayan Cedar Wood Essential Oil), *Athyrium filix-femina(Wild Harvested Lady Fern)

*Denotes Clean Ingredients - Certified Organic, Wild Harvested or Non-GMO






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