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Our brand new Gua Sha tool is a Wilder North original, designed in collaboration with our Master Gua Sha Artsian.

The Longevity tool has been named for it's part in helping to balance "Chi" or "Vital Life Force"... the energy and fluids that we all have flowing through our bodies. The interruption of this flow is commonly responsible for human ailments, whether physical, emotional or mental. Although it's a complex topic, Gua Sha helps to keep Chi flowing optimally, for improved health and longevity on so many levels. 

The Longevity Sculpt tool was designed with an emphasis on contouring and lifting sagging or puffy areas to refine features and reveal your natural bone structure.  It's scooped notch is ideal for the neck while it's wave edge forms to thr natural curves of your face. Each edge and cut was included for a purpose and has the curves of face in mind. 



  • Listing is for 1 Tool including protective pouch
  • This is light colored Labradorite Crystal. Please see all photos for examples, colors vary greatly.
  • Each tool is unique in color and grains
  • Small imperfections and cleaving veins are a natural part of the stone
  • Length approximately 3.25". Widest point is approximately 2.75"
  • Shape can be slightly irregular from one to another.
  • These are slightly different than our other Longevity Sculpt Tools. These are slightly larger, thicker and the curves are slightly modified. 


Labradorite is an iridescent type of feldspar, which makes up roughly 60% of our Earth's crust. It is a stone of magic and intuition. 

The Labradorite crystal metaphysical properties are connected with the crown chakra, the energy center which governs mind and spiritual expansion. It is a powerful crystal for intention-setting and manifesting, reminding us to see the hidden light in life's darker times and opening our mind to possibilities. It helps us tap into our inner power and strength, powerfully helping us harness our full potential. Though it's brimming with mysticism, it's also a very grounding stone, helping us with mental clarity and self transformation. Also wonderful for those of us who are introverts, this stone can help you recharge and restore energy after draining times. It's also connected with the Throat Chakra - communication, and the Third Eye Chakra - the spirit world. It helps us to see deeper and find our higher purpose, letting go of things or ideas that no longer serve us, being heard, and allowing us to take the path that are more aligned with our purpose.

In physical healing, Labradorite supports the respiratory system. Promoting blood circulation, breathing and lung power, this stone whole heartedly encourages health and wellbeing, holding you in positivity and comfort as you connect to the universe. Anyone suffering from bronchitis and other respiratory issues may find Labradorite helpful in your wellness journey. It also helps with healthy digestion and keeps your metabolism moving. This gentle and healing stone can also quell the pain and tension of PMS.

Legend has it that the Aurora Borealis of the Northern Lights was trapped inside a stone of Labrador(canada). An Inuit Warrior tried to free the light by striking the rock with his spear, but the beautiful spectrum of colors and lights was trapped inside the stone for eternity. 

It's known for remarkable play of color, known as "labradorescence". Labradorite is usually gray-green, charcoal gray, black or grayish-white. It's aggregate layers refract and reflect light as iridescent shimmers of peacock blue, gold, pale green. Blue is usually tusually gray-green, dark gray, black or grayish-white, is composed in aggregate layers that refract light as iridescent flashes of peacock blue, gold, pale green, or coppery red. The predominant blue varies within the light, displaying hues from deepest blue to various shades of pale, almost blue-green. Blue is the predominant labradorescence, which varies within the light, flashing hues from deepest blue to various shades of pale, almost blue-green. 

EMPOWERING WOMEN : We believe in supporting the health and wellbeing of ALL women, empowering them to introduce self-loving rituals which can increase confidence and sense of self. We believe gua sha is a beautiful modality, which combined with holistic lifestyle changes and plant-based products, can benefit the skin health all women. It is important to know and respect that Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine, and learn from a thoughtful, highly skilled gua sha practitioner with formal training. 

We recommend booking a Virtual Gua Sha class with holistic esthetician, Green Veggie Babe. Babe is certified in advanced facial gua sha, with hundreds of hours of education and professional treatments, as well as knowledgeable in fascia, the lymphatic system and holistic wellness. BOOK HERE



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