Longevity Sculpt Gua Sha Ritual

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Let's talk why Hydrating Mists and Oils are important steps in practicing gua sha and benefit skin in general 

Hydrating Mists like our "Vital Botanic", should be used after cleansing skin and before any other products. Mist all over, then press press press press until fully absorbed, repeating if necessary for very thirsty skin. Your hands are the perfect tool for this proper application and make the most of your product. The active ingredients in the Vital Botanic Mist plump and smooth away fine lines, hydrate + hold hydration to the skin, increase circulation for glow, rejuvenate, firm, tone, repair broken capillaries, and promote lymph drainage. Plumping and preparing the skin creates a smooth and conditioned surface for better gua sha results and further product penetration.

Oils and Oil-based serums should be applied after hydrating mist, and before any other heavier balms, creams, or gua sha. The right oils for your skin type, create "slip" for your gua sha tool to glide without tugging on your skin. Natural plant oils are active and can deliver benefits to address a wide variety of skin concerns. Gua Sha helps those ingredients penetrate while purging trapped toxins in the lymph. Release and Replace!

These three products used correctly and together basically super-charge one another for results comparable to what you get from seeing a professional esthetician - of course estheticians have lots of extra magic!

EMPOWERING WOMEN : We believe in supporting the health and wellbeing of ALL women, empowering them to introduce self-loving rituals which can increase confidence and sense of self. We believe gua sha is a beautiful modality, which combined with holistic lifestyle changes and plant-based products, can benefit the skin health all women. It is important to know and respect that Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine, and learn from a thoughtful, highly skilled gua sha practitioner with formal training.

We recommend booking a Virtual Gua Sha class with holistic esthetician, Green Veggie Babe. Babe is certified in advanced facial gua sha, with hundreds of hours of education and professional treatments, as well as knowledgeable in fascia, the lymphatic system and holistic wellness. BOOK HERE

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