Genuine Lapis Lazuli Facial Roller - Natural Stripes

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Gold Frame - Natural Stripes

Our Genuine Lazuli Rollers are authentic. Lapis is often confused with the less valuable mineral Sodalite. Genuine Lapis Lazuli is known for it's deep vibrant blue hue, with flecks of gold(pyrite) and whitish(calcite) streaks or swirls. 

There are two different ways to use the Lapis Roller. The healing properties of Lapis Lazuli, combined with the rolling action have the following benefits. 


  • Calms inflammation
  • Reduces puffiness in the face, especially the under eye area
  • Stimulates detoxification
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes product penetration


  • Boosts circulation and oxygenates the skin
  • Brightens the complexion 
  • Tightens pores
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Plumps up the skin
  • Promotes Product penetration 


  • Made of 100% Genuine Lapis Lazuli
  • Due to the natural material, each roller is unique and colors/grains vary from photo shown. Please scroll through all the photos to see examples of our stock.(not all have defined stripes)
  • NEW noise-free connection!
  • Listing is for 1 Lapis Roller
  • Lapis rollers are fragile Please handle with care.
  • Our Rollers have been upgraded with the strongest and prettiest frames available, with extra smooth rolling action without squeaking.
  • Due to supply shortage, we are no longer providing cloth pouches for our rollers. If you would like to receive a pouch when they are restocked later this year, please let us know in the Notes section at checkout.
  • It's normal to see clarification or cleaving veins in natural Lapis, which is actually proof that they are genuine. These lines actually strengthen the stone. The cleaving veins inside most lapis are caused by the interaction of physical forces from heat and pressure on the jade. They are different from the cracks caused by percussion.


Lapis is a high-vibration stone which harmonizes & protects the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It promotes serenity, inner self-knowledge and cellular healing. It is beneficial to the immune system, respitory and nervous system. Lapis is known to balance hormonal shifts and metabolic disorders associated with the thyroid, thymus, blood pressure processes, which all support skin health. 




There are two different ways to use your Lapis Roller.  

One is in a gentle downward movement.  This is detoxifying and stimulates lymphatic drainage.  

The second, is in a more vigorous and rejuvenating upward movement.  This stimulates circulation and oxygenates the skin.  If you're confused, watch the video a clearer explanation.

Start by apply a serum or mask all over face and decolletage.


  • Start at the base of your neck.  Gently roll in a downward motion from ear to clavicle.  Repeat 3x then move to the next section, working across your neck from the ear to the center line.
  • Move to the center of your chin.  Roll out from the center towards the hair line.  At the end of your third pass toward the hairline, drain the lymph by rolling down the side of the face toward the clavicle once.  Continue this pattern, rolling horizontally across the face 3x then draining once down perpendicular to your previous movement, as you work your way up the face.
  • At the under eye, use the small end of the roller.  Roll 3x from the nose toward the end of the brow.  On the last roll, finish by drawing down the side of the face to the clavicle.  Repeat these movements just under the eyebrow.
  • Lastly, gently roll from the center of the forehead toward the side of the face 3x, draining down to the clavicle on the last pass.  Repeat this moving up the forehead.
  • To finish, repeat your last draining movement 2-3x more.
  • Repeat on other side.

You'll notice a constant need to swallow.  This is very normal during lymphatic drainage and a good indicator you're doing it correctly.


  • Start at the neck.  Roll from base of neck to jaw line in an upward roll.  Your pressure should be medium to firm.  When you get to the jaw, give a little flick.  Repeat this 5-10x as needed, then move to the next section. Repeat till you've reached the center of your neck.
  • Next, roll from the chin to your ear just under your jaw line, chiseling definition at the jaw.  Repeat 5-10x.
  • Move up to the center of your chin, rolling from chin to ear in a slightly upward angle. Repeat 5-10x. Repeat these movements working up the face, finishing under the eye.
  • Now, move to the forehead. Roll from your brow toward your hairline in a vertical upward movement. Repeat 5-10x.  Repeat these movements working across the forehead.
  • Repeat on other side.

Wipe your face clean followed by a serum or moisturizer. If you started with serum or moisturizer, the product has been pushed deeply into your skin during rolling. Slather on some more.

Done! You can roll every day but we recommend doing this three or four times a week. 


Make sure to clean your jade roller after every use. Wipe your roller with a warm soft damp cloth and dry it with a clean dry towel. Make sure it is completely dry before putting it away. Do not wipe your jade roller with hot water or soak it in water. Also, never use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents on your roller as it would erode the finish and polish.


If your roller arrives damaged or broken, please email us with a photo within 21 days of receipt, for a one-time replacement or store credit.





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