Bliss Belly Butter with prickly pear seed oil

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Goal: Stretch-mark prevention, maintain healthy, soft, elastic skin while pregnant

Use: Day and Night

Skintype: All

Why we love it: It's safe for both mama & baby, and pampers mother's to-be

Benefits: This creamy, melty pot of belly butter bliss will keep your pregnant belly comfortable as it grows with baby and prevent stretch marks. We lovingly selected the highest quality, natural and organic oils including certified organic argan oil, to promote and restore skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production, boosts skin natural ability to regenerate and prevent scars & stretch marks. Bliss Belly Butter stretch mark cream is packed with active, clean ingredients in a 120ml jar that will last your entire pregnancy to keep your body feeling loved. All ingredients were specifically chosen because they are non-toxic for both mom and baby! We only used the finest, highest-quality organic, wildcrafted and non-gmo ingredients to ensure no chemicals will touch your precious little one. The Bliss Belly Butter is the absolute best and most beneficial product available for your precious pregnancy. 

Read more about stretch marks

ALWAYS consult your doctor before using a new product during pregnancy.

Directions for use: Smooth Bliss Belly Butter over entire belly, making sure to reach the sides and hips where stretch-marks commonly occur. Apply day and night to ensure results. Because this blend has oils in it, it can leave oil marks on clothing. We recommend wearing something you're ok with getting a bit messy if you have to get dressed immediately after. 

This product melts higher than room temp. but will re-solidify once cooled. Store in a cool, dark place. Color variation is normal from batch to batch.

Ingredients: *Mango Butter, *Shea Butter, *Argania Spinosa(argan oil), *Sclerocarya birrea(Marula oil), *Prickly Pear Seed Oil, *Rosa rubiginosa(Rosehip Seed Oil), *coconut oil, vitamin e, *Calendula officinalis(Calendula), *Lavandula (Lavender essential oil), *Citrus aurantium amara(neroli essential oil), *Boswellia sacra (Frankincense essential oil), *Citrus sinensis(sweet orange essential oil). *=clean ingredients, Organic, Wildcrafted or non-gmo

New Larger Size - 120 ml (was 100ml)


Details and Benefits of each ingredient:

  • Mango Butter - Certified Organic, Cold Pressed - treats very dry, flakey skin, promotes collagen production, fades scars and fine lines, reduces degeneration of skin cells, protects from sun damage, high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory.


  • Shea Butter - Certified Organic, Raw - used for centuries in Africa for its moisturizing and healing properties, where it has been used to protect and condition skin which has been damaged.


  • Argania Spinosa(argan oil) - Certified Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Morocaan. 0 Comedogenic rating. Referred to as liquid gold, it has been prized for it's ability to treat skin and body conditions since before 12 BC. Argan oil is produced from the kernals of the Argan tree which grows in a tiny area of Morocco. High in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and retinol. Combats free radicals which prevents damage of skin cells, is anti-inflammatory, treats acne, wrinkles, dry skin. Sun Protectant, restores elasticity, non-irritating, deeply penetrates skin and is absorbed easily. 


  • Sclerocarya birrea(Marula oil) - 0 Comedogenic Rating, Wildcrafted, Cold pressed, West Africa
    High in anti-oxidants, regenerative, promotes elasticity, stimulates collagen production, high in vitamin C & E, reduces the appearance of scars and pigmentation, boots skins natural ability to regenerate, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles


  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil - Organic.  potent antioxidant, improves skin elasticity, anti-aging
    59% LINOLEIC ACID makes it great for acne prone skin. very moisturizing, making skin velvety soft
    light and quick absorbing


  • Rosa rubiginosa(Rosehip Seed Oil) - Certified Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Chile or South Africa, 1 Comedogenic rating. Anti-aging, regenerates cell renewal, high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, rejuvenating, treats deep wrinkles and UV damage.


  • Coconut oilUnrefined, gold pressed, organic. High in vitamin E, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, healing, moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory


  • Vitamin e - Non-gmo - natural preservative, anti-oxidant - prevents free radicals from damaging skin cells, helps with recovery of sun damage, scars and stretch marks


  • Calendula officinalis(Calendula) - Certified Organic. Calendula is beneficial for dry or damaged skin and also promotes the fast healing and regeneration of the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It has natural restorative properties that infuse the skin with a youthful glow. Calendula oil is also used to protect the skin from premature aging and thinning of the skin.


  • Lavandula (Lavender essential oil) - Certified Organic, Steam distilled, Bulgaria. Anti-inflammatory, treats acne, sunburn and skin conditions, healing, regenerative, antibacterial, astringent. Good for oily skin prone to acne, irritated, damaged, dilted pores, scars, stretch marks. Relaxing aromatic.


  • Citrus aurantium amara(neroli essential oil) - Organic. Great for mature and sensitive skin, tones complexion, diminishes wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Regenerative, calming, improves circulation, beneficial for mature skin, wrinkles, oily skin and sensitive skin.


  • Boswellia sacra (Frankincense essential oil) - Certified Organic, Steam Distilled, Australia. Heals scars, controls sebum production, tones uneven skin, promotes cell regeneration, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, treat dry skin, reduces the appearance of scars, speeds up the healing of acne.


PLEASE NOTE: I am required to tell you that any statements pertaining to the use or properties of my products have not been evaluated by the FDA and that my products are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease. 

Wilder North is not responsible for misuse nor shall Wilder North be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use of these products. 

By reading and purchasing any products, you release Wilder North from any liability arising out of the use of any products from Wilder North

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